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the calculator

this page brings information about beacons on the 6m-band. you have to enter your qth-locator as 6-digit string ( the maidenhead grid locator, for example JN88DD - lower case and optional 4-digit is possible ) and the max distance in km. ( value between 100 and 21000 km ) you will get a sorted list of worldwide 50 mhz beacons, up to the distance you entered. the sort criteria is azimuth per default. alternatively you can select the frequency, the distance or the beacons call to sort the result.
I would be pleased to see your call-sign in the optional field.

qth locator:
optional your call
or your e-mail adr:
sort by:

if you have some additional information or you know, that some data in this page are wrong, please inform me. the information i need is: frequency, call, qth-locator and maybe power, city, state and other userfull infos about a new beacon. we all will benefit from your input. you can send your information via e-mail to

notice: i am looking for audio-files of recordings of beacons. if you have some, please submit to me.

google earth beacon map

open beacon6m.kmz with google earth and you will get a world wide map of all 6m-beacons with description.
this information may be (but must not) a little bit out-of-date
you get the current facts of the database of all 6m-beacons, if you request for an individually google earth map ( see below )

( google earth version 4 or higher required )
if you don't have google earth installed, you can inform and download at google earth


6 meter beacon list 6m beacons 50 Mhz

your individually google earth map

you can request a personal google earth map per e-mail.
the difference to the above is the fact, you see additional azimuth in degrees and the distance in km for each 6m-beacon in relation to your location. simple send an e-mail to with the following 2 lines as text ( no html , no attachement )
QTH: the-6-digit-maidenhead-grid-locator
beware, there are 2 keywords ( QCX: and QTH: ) with each 4 characters
and in front of the : there is no space and after it, there is a space,
here an example:


if all is ok, you will receive within the next hours ( maybe minutes - hi ) an automatic generated answer-mail. this e-mail has an attached file with extension .kml - save this in the filesystem and open it with google earth. if something is wrong with the content of your e-mail, you won't be informed. if there are any problems, feel free to contact me directly per e-mail.

if this info is useful for you, feel free to link this page.

and good luck on the magic band
73, hans

6 meter beacon list 6m beacons 50 Mhz

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