self made cross dipole for 137 mhz

the idea is from  Daniel Moeller, DL3RTL

this copy of picture and information has permission from Daniel Moeller, DL3RTL

seen at

this is the circuit for the right-hand circular polarization antenna


A till D, 510 mm

E coax cable 50 ohm, 361 mm

F coax cable 75 ohm, 361 mm

2 times, parallel

G 50 ohm antenna cable

and this is the temporarily mounted antenna at my solar collectors


as you see, this is only made until the next rain, when corrosion will separate connections and soldering points.

this is the swr after some tuning steps. i reduced the total length over 2 dipole elements to 102 cm. the elements itself are abt 506 mm. marker 1 is the center of 137,5 mhz. the swr minimum is still at 118,4 mhz however. to enlarge, click in the picture. marker 2 is 137 mhz and marker 3 is 138 mhz. 


picture made with fa-nwt01 


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