fwbuilder libfwbuilder firewall builder

fwbuilder 4 solaris

general info
fwbuilder is a gui, to manage solaris firewall ipfilter

plattform: sparc and x86
os: solaris 10
version: 2.0.10 build-657 or higher
prerequisite: libqt, 3.3
package-filelist: prototype.txt

vendor: www.fwbuilder.org
remark: the necessary libfwbuilder is included in this package
solaris port by: hans mayer

related links:
sun-sysadmin: ip security / ip filter (pdf) read carefully
ip filter at anu
blastwave / fwbuilder

fwbuilder solaris - a strong combination

installation notes for fwbuilder

download the file for example to /var/tmp
become user root and change to /var/tmp
bunzip2 the downloaded file ( bzip2 is part of package SUNWbzip )
tar -xvf filename.tar ( this will create a directory named "fwbuilder" )
pkgadd -d . ( pkgadd is part of package SUNWpkgcmdsu )

solaris fwbuilder - a good choice

deinstallation of fwbuilder under solaris

pkgrm fwbuilder
project-files, you created with fwbuilder, are not effected.

running fwbuilder in solaris environment

maybe, the environment must be changed.
the following variables can be effected. ( syntax for ksh )


# expand $PATH if necessary

# if you want to read man-pages for fwbuilder, this may be necessary
don't forget to update your windex database: catman -w

setup and configure the runtime linking environment correctly

to start the gui key in: fwbuilder &
to activate the created firewall rule-set with the gui, you have to write a small script

have a good time,


created: 11/2005
date of last modification: 1/2006 4/2006 6/2008 8/2008 11/2008 1/2010 4/2011 12/2011

fwbuilder libfwbuilder firewall builder
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