libqt  3.3

plattform: sparc and x86
os: solaris 10


qt is a C++ GUI framework
to run fwbuilder, you need libqt version 3.3
it's not possible to use libqt, delivered by sun with solaris 10

vendor of qt is now “qt company” and “qt project”, previously nokia and trolltech. 
a copy of qt can be found at sunfreeware too.
there are source and packages available.

you can download a mirror of this binary package here.

download the package SMCqt

sparc:  qt-3.3.4-sol10-sparc-local.gz
size: 37464816 byte
md5: a818f7ccad92c304e72d8eac981c791a

intel: qt-3.3.4-sol10-intel-local.gz
size: 36256763 byte
md5: 287df6ba68fe67dcb4cc18895812248c

install the package

gunzip filename.gz
pkgadd -d filename

other packages

it's recommended to install the companion cd delivered by sun with solaris 10.
several packages from SUN are needed to run fwbuilder.
( SFWgcmn SFWgbin SFWgcc34l SFWgcc2l SFWqt SUNWopenssl-libraries )
installation of pkg SMCqt does not conflict with pkg SFWqt by SUN
basedir of SFWqt is /opt/sfw
basedir of SMCqt is /usr/local/qt
you need both

date of last modification: 4/2006. 3/2010

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