first we have to notice, the ionisation made by a meteor is NOT like a flat layer, more, it looks like a cone. this cone can be 100 km long. and at the top, there is the meteor with about 1 mm.
see picture on the left side.

now, look at the picture below.

you can see a very small reflection of the person, who is sitting in front of the house at the face of the cone. if this person would sit a little bit more right ( even not behind the cone ) you couldn't find a reflection at the cones surface. the same situation with meteorscatters. if both antennas are opposite the ionisation, there is no reflection-point for communication.
of course, qso's can be made, using cones left or right of the direct way, where the antenna gain is not an optimum.


Initial: Aug/2007
Updates: 4.8.2007
Last Update: 22. Sept.2018 
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