countries i worked at 6m with mode JT6M

most of them i worked with meteorscatter. some of them are also reached in the sporadic-e season, with tropo-scatter propagation or ground-wave. but all of them with software WSJT from K1JT.



 Austria  OE
 Belgium  ON
 Bulgaria  LZ
 Crete  SV9
 Croatia  9A
 Czech-Republik  OK
 Denmark  5Q, OZ
 England  G, M

 Faroe  OY
 Finland  OH
 France  F
 Germany  DL
 Guernsey  GU
 Greece  SV
 Hungary  HA
 Israel  4Z
 Italy  I
 Lithuania  LY
 Netherlands  PA, PB, PC

 Norway  LA
 Poland  SO, SP, SQ

 Portugal  CT
 Romania  YO
 Sardinia  IS
 Serbia  YT, YU

 Sicily  IT
 Slovakia  OM
 Slovenia  S5
 Spain  EA, EB

 Switzerland  HB
 Sweden  SM
 Ukraine  UT
 Wales  GW, MW

total: 33 countries 

last update: 2/2010

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