meteorshower leonids 

the leonids can be a strong shower, but it wasn’t in the last years and also not 2009 in central europe. the max was in the asian region.

this is sabine’s meteors sky view ( dl1dbc ) dated nov 13th till 19th

as you see, there is no peak and no outburst between 16th and 17th

nevertheless, the following qso was made during the leonids

you see more or less full period with permanent ionisation due to a lot of small rocks. in the middle of the period there is an overdensed trail. you get better information within the decoder window, if you click on different places of the waterfall. ( of course only using software wst7 and opening this file and not at the picture of this webpage. )

op: SM7LQV - Lars ( in qso with OE1SMC )
locator: JO77MJ (QRB 1032 km, QTF 356°)
date: 2009/11/17 23:52:00 UTC
software: WSJT mode: JT6M
type: meteorscatter , band: 50 MHz / 6 m
meteor shower: leonids


this is the wave-file produced by WSJT

oe1smc / 2009

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