howto: converting a ham-log

from logger32 or mmtty to cabrillo, reg1text or stuetzerbach ( stf ) 

i am not a contester, but sometime i participe in a contest and of course the contest-manager needs an other format, as my primary format is. and there are a lot of import/export formats: ADIF, ASCII, Cabrillo, STF, EDI

in this case i found ucxlog created by DL7UCX very usefull. 

first you have to install this great software, see to download and install. ( installation not described )

how to do converting ?

mostly i am using logger32 for my logs

export the log with logger32: file -> export logs -> adif

select partial log if neccassary with “start date” and “end date”

select a file and remember the location ( directory ) 

start ucxlog

if an old contest is activ, then do:  contest -> delete log -> select the log -> yes -> last warning with “yes

ucxlog will terminate, start ucxlog again

import the saved .adi file with contest -> import -> adif

select the membered file and “yes”

now select the contest type, which is hopefully in the list. you get an information window with the number of qso imported. press -> OK

now recalculate the points

contest -> edit log -> contest data

select the contest

press in the new window “recalculate multi/points” -> all ( futher )

the column with points should now be recalculated

press: exit & save

update the rest: settings -> station enter the informations within general tab

export the contest-data to the wanted format and do

contest -> send log ( cabrillo, stf, edi )

select the contest and then the wanted log-format. the default path will be in a subdirectory of the installation path. to find under  export/

that’s it

here an other example

running mmtty from je3hht for a rtty-contest

it is easy to press the qso button of software mmtty to log the qso, which is done in the internal mmmtty log-format. after the contest you can do:

view -> log data list

select the wanted records or select all and press:

file -> export selected range -> cabrillo

select a file and remember the location ( directory ) 

the rest is the same 

if there should be some other methods, please inform me.

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