tnt - a terminal programm for packet radio

available for Solaris , NetBSD and Linux ( suse, redhat, debian, ... )
tnt was written by mark wahl

history of older versions

version 1.8 klick here to download: tnt1.8.tar.gz * april 19th, 1999
md5: 2b6f191a49281f819d9b99aba83db14e
size: 618842

for solaris: patch shell.h

description, release notes, information and additional software
for tnt is also available over the homepage of matthias hensler

to go on air, you need a tnc2 with hostmode or
kissmode with tfkiss daemon on unix.

tnt-1.9.1.tar.gz aug. 4th, 2000
not tested with solaris

tfkiss-1.2.2.tar.gz hostmode <-> kiss
in the moment for NetBSD, Linux and Solaris - release aug 26th, 1999
it acts like a driver, but it is a normal background process.
communication to tnt goes over a named pipe.

size: 142630
md5: 561b3f5a8c51e8e51f7dcebedaa934e2

the latest version of tfkiss can mostly be found at the webserver of
of Berndt Josef Wulf, VK5ABN

tfkiss-1.2.4.tar.gz sept. 1st, 2001
not tested with solaris

email and how to reach us:


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